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What is Styla Frontend

Styla Frontend is an API based decoupled headless frontend solution that requires a headless shopsystem and will then run the frontend in a separate presentation layer on top of it. Product and category pages are created from the product data transferred via the shop’s API, while content pages are being created via Styla’s visual editing capabilities.

Most important features#

These are the features that make this product suitable for building completely new shop frontends if you have selected your backend already:

  • Styla generates all pages as static HTML files with small scripts included only if needed for a specific module
  • It is very fast, PWA-compliant, SEO-optimised and includes markup, routing is provided by Styla and the only think you need to have your new frontend on your target domain is to point the domain to Styla CDN
  • product data and e-commerce features like adding to cart, login and checkout process are integrated with your shop backend via its APIs
  • product details and category pages are generated automatically by merging product inventory with page templates defined in Styla Editor (CMS)
  • updates in your product inventory trigger automatic updates on your Styla frontend your page templates and content is, managed with the user-friendly Editor you might already know from the other Styla products.

The above feature set means that not only is your shop frontend independent and decoupled from the backend but also, that you may develop your new frontend integrated with the existing backend while still having the older frontend online.

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